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November 2, 2010

WPCI launches the Environmental Ship Index (ESI)


Within the World Ports Climate Initiative, ports cooperate with shipping in support of measures to reduce emissions to air from ships. The latter is the subject of a project which was jointly undertaken by the ports of Hamburg, Bremen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Le Havre. They developed a global indexing system which will enable them to stimulate the clean and climate friendly ocean going ships and which is referred to as the Environmental Ship Index in short “ESI”.

The Environmental Ship Index (ESI) identifies seagoing ships that perform better in reducing air emissions than required by the current emission standards of the International Maritime Organization. The Environmental Ship Index (ESI) is based on the amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulphur oxide (SOx) and greenhouse gas that is released by a ship. ESI is therefore a good indication of the environmental performance of ocean going vessels and will assist in identifying clean ships in a general way.

The index is intended to be used by ports to reward ships when they participate in the ESI and will promote clean ships, but can also be used by shippers and ship owners as their own promotional instrument. The programme is completely voluntary and WPCI hopes that the global port community will assume its role in improving the maritime and port environment. Finally, all stakeholders in maritime transport can use the ESI as a means to improve their environmental performance and as an instrument to reach their sustainability goals.

How ESI works is fully explained on a web site that includes a data base and is quite appropriately named; the web site can also be approached through the WPCI and IAPH websites and The launch of the ESI website will take place during a press conference which will be organized on Tuesday 2 November 2010 at 09.30 hrs in London, England on board HQS Wellington; thereafter the web site can be approached.